Chair of Business Information Systems
Research Interest

Research Interest

IT Architecture Management

Management of IT complexity and the appropriate design of IT landscapes are fundamental challenges of IT architects and CIOs. In this field of research, we analyze a) how IT complexity can be conceptualized and measured, b) how IT complexity affects key business outcomes, and c) which design principles support IT architects and CIOs in monitoring IT complexity. These research results are developed and evaluated in close cooperation with selected industry partners.

Data-based Business Models and Privacy

The use of free internet-based services (e.g. Google or Facebook) is widespread. But the utilization of many of these services appears "free" only at first sight – users pay with their private data, which then is monetized. Providers have to find a balance between additional revenue due to the (more intensive) use of data and the potential deterrent effects of such monetizing strategies on (potential) users. We are aiming at the development of profitable and at the same time private-sphere-friendly data-based business models.

Software Industry and Digital Services

In close collaboration with various industry partners we develop strategies for suppliers of Business Information Systems. Currently, we focus on B2B adoption of digital service innovations, IT security management in the context of Software as a Service, and the design of software ecosystems.